ntservice installs fine via cli commands but fails when using ntstart

I have several offline servers running napatech cards for suricata.  They are configured the same.  I recently installed a new server using Oracle 8 as the OS.  The card installed is a NT40E3_4_PTP.  We used the drivers NT12.11.15 which had nt-driver-3gd- file.

If I use the cli commands

/opt/napatech3/bin/ntservice -d -f /opt/napatech/config/ntservice.ini
bin/ntpl -f /opt/napatech/config/NTPL_LARGE_IDPS.ini

everything works.

BUT if I run

/opt/napatech3/bin/ntstart.sh --managed --ntpl /opt/napatech/config/NTPL_LARGE_IDPS.ini

I get the follwing error and the card does not capture anything:

Setting not supported: [System] - NtplFileName
Illegal options found in the ini-file '/opt/napatech3/config/ntservice.ini'


That, of course, is the same file ntservice.ini I reference when using the command lines.

Why does it fail when run with ntstart.sh?


NOTE: I cannot upload a copy of the ntservice.ini file which I know hampers analysis.  Suggestions for what to look for can be a big help….

EDIT: removed duplication

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